The Third Child - About the Book

It's said that those who visit Crimson Manor are either lost or crazy.

August, Conner, and Layla are the only surviving members of the Delmar family. The expected death of their mother forces the triplets back together, much to August's dismay. While Conner and Layla have both settled down with their partners and sorted their careers, August is still unsure about every aspect of his life.

Despite leaving all of her belongings and money to Conner and Layla, all their mother leaves for August is a mysterious key and a cynical note.

To celebrate their mother's life Conner and Layla convince August to visit the mansion on Crimson Island. A house that visitors can stay in for a week to experience the paranormal, and a place that their mother, a fan of all things supernatural, had always dreamed of visiting.

They aren't the only ones visiting however. Staying with them for seven days is a flirty young writer who longs for proof of spirits, and a young woman who claims her s…

The Third Child - Prolougue

“She’s dead. Did you hear me? August, she’s dead.” My brothers voice buzzed like an annoying insect in my ear. “August did you hear me!?” I clicked the phone shut. He could continue his fake sobs alone, or with our sister. I didn’t care. I walked across my tiny flat, and collapsed on my pathetic love seat. She was dead, my mother was dead. Good. My phone buzzed in my hand, it was my sister. “Fuck off.” I tossed the phone across the room, the battery flew out as it hit the floor. Good. I managed to avoid them for twelve hours, but when the clock struck midnight they were pounding on my door. Being a triplet was hard, but being a triplet with these two was impossible. I spent most of my adult life avoiding them, yet they always found a way to claw their way back into my life. The death of our mother, was just an excuse for them to show up and remind me how perfect they were. I opened the door in nothing but my boxers, “What?” There they stood, looking like the boy and girl versions of eac…

The Boy With Two Faces - Chapter 6

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                The Boy with Two Faces - Chapter  6    
...................................................................................................................... I took the stairs two at a time, just wanting to sink into bed and let all the drama fade into the void of sleep. I swung open my door, turned on the light, and felt my heart fall into my stomach. Mirrors. Mirrors everywhere… I flew down the stairs, past my mom, her voice just a muffle in the back of my mind. I ran to the street, where Liam was still parked. He jumped out of his car. “What’s wrong?” He asked, catching me in his arms.
I tried to speak but choked, sobbing like an idiot. “Mirrors,” I cried, “My room-”
“Bailey, I don’t understand.” Back inside I heard my mother scream, and the next thing I knew she and Katie were beside us in their pajamas. “What’s going on Mrs. Hart?” Liam asked, “Is someone inside?”
“No, who are you?” My m…